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A nurse who can return to work after a bout with COVID-19 is not a disabled person and has no right to reasonable accommodation.


US District Courts in New York and Maine have made opposite rulings on healthcare employees' right to religious exemption from COVID-19 mandatory vaccination.


Federal regulations severely restrict healthcare facilities' ability to confront a person entering the premises with an animal that may be a trained service animal for a person with a disability.


An emergency room nurse can restrain a patient and prevent them from leaving whose intoxication or head injury makes them a danger to self.  The nurse could be liable for letting the patient leave.


An emergency room nurse it not responsible to see that the police have a warrant or probable cause or even the right person before they arrest the nurse's patient.


Patients, even minors, have the absolute right to choose who can and cannot visit, even family members.  Family members have no right to visit a patient who does not want to see them.


A hospital does not admit to a problem with infection control simply by taking measures to enforce its infection control policies.


Involuntary mental health committments require strict compliance with the law, or the patient may be entitled to release from custody.


A nurse who has recovered from a disabling medical condition like a back injury no longer has rights as a disabled person.


A nurse whose license has expired without renewal is not a qualified individual with a disability and has no rights as a disabled person, even if the nurse has a disability.


Accommodating a nurse's religious Sabbath can be an undue hardship if the employer has to pay another nurse overtime to cover.


It is negligence to cause a fall by ingoring a patient's care plan that calls for close monitoring and frequent checks.


A patient can be barred from a healthcare facility's online patient portal for inappropriate communication with a physician.


A nurse must act promptly to ensure no interruption of a patient's mental health medication who suffers from schizophrenia.


A patient or family member who signs healthcare paperwork printed in English cannot claim not to be bound because they cannot read English.




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