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Wrongful Termination: Nurse Can Refuse To Work While Infectious With The Flu.


Confidentiality: Nurse Had Ex-Husband's Consent to Access His Medical Chart.


Deaf Nurse: Court Mandates ASL Interpreter As Reasonable Accommodation To Disability.


Whistleblower: CNA Protected From Firing, Complained About Patient Safety Issues.


Post-Operative Complications: Court Throws Out Jury's Verdict For Nursing Negligence.


Confidentiality: Patients Unable To Sue After LPN Wrongfully Accessed Their Charts.


Assisted Living Resident, Mobility Issues: Court Upholds Verdict For Resident's Fall.


Patient Death In Cardiac Telemetry: Court Ruling Examines Nursing Standard Of Care.


Labor & Delivery: Jury Finds That Nurse, Midwife Met The Legal Standard Of Care.


Patient's Fall: Court Sees Evidence Of Faulty Assessment Of Patient's Injuries.


Nursing Documentation: Lack Of Chart Note Stumbling Block To Favorable Legal Ruling.


HIPAA: Confidential Information Disclosed To Nurse's Supervisor, Nurse Terminated.


Nurse's Unsupervised Psychiatric Services: Court Upholds US False Claims Act Lawsuit.


Abuse Reporting: Court Reviews Nurse's Legal Obligation As Mandatory Reporter.


Fall: Nurses Followed Facility's Procedures, Court Finds No Nursing Negligence.


Labor & Delivery: Court Finds Nurses' Care Was Appropriate, Dismisses EMTALA Case.


Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis, Nurse Practitioner Ruled At Fault.


Hearing Impairment: Court Turns Down Patient's Disability Discrimination Lawsuit.


EMTALA: E.R. Nurses, Physicians Provided Patient With Appropriate Medical Screening.


Patient Fall: No Nursing Negligence Found In Patient Fall-Risk Assessment, No Bed Alarm.


Patient Fall: Cognitively Impaired Patient Was Told To Stay Seated, Left Alone On The Toilet.


Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment Delayed: Nurse Practitioners Implicated In Lawsuit.


Cardiac Care: Jury Finds That Nurse And Physician Met The Legal Standard Of Care.


Nurse's Medication Error: Hospital Admits Nurse Was At Fault, Jury Finds No Liability.


Changes Made After An Accident Are Not Evidence Of Nursing Negligence, Court Says.


Sepsis, Organ Failure: Court Faults Nurse Practitioner For Death Of Pediatric Patient.


Post-Neurosurgery Care: Court Sees No Nursing Negligence, Dismisses Lawsuit.


Degenerative Joint Disease: Court Rejects Nurse's Disability Discrimination Lawsuit.


Nurse As Patient's Advocate: Court Upholds Nurse's Wrongful Termination Lawsuit.


Nursing Documentation: Court Says Charting Only Abnormal Findings Is Unacceptable.


Social Media: Employer Obtained Facebook Wall Posting, Did Not Violate Nurse's Rights.


Patient's Fall: Safe Patient Transfers Require Nursing Assessment And Care Planning.


Operating Room: Circulating Nurse Should Have Examined Specimen, Lawsuit Upheld.


Age Discrimination: Nurse Manager Was Looking To Promote "Young Rising Stars."


Skin Care: Nursing Documentation Leads Court To Dismiss Negligence Lawsuit.


No ASL Interpreter: Deaf Patient's, Family Member's Rights Were Violated, Court Says.


Informed Consent: Nurses Got Go-Ahead But Did Not Explain Risks, Benefits, Alternatives.


Labor & Delivery Nursing: Court Says Local Factors Are Relevant In A Liability Lawsuit.


Operating Room: Surgical Error Blamed, In Part, On Circulating Nurse's Negligence.


Pressure Sores: Court Upholds Judgment Awarded To Post-Surgery Hospital Patient.


Child Neglect/Abuse: E.R. Nurse's Actions Were Correct, Parent's Lawsuit Dismissed.


EMTALA: Nurse's Screening Met Hospital's Legal Responsibilities, Lawsuit Dismissed.


Emergency Room Discharge: Court Sees Grounds For Patient's Suit Against Hospital.


Emergency Room: Court Faults The Initial Nursing Triage In Cardiac Patient's Death.


Pulse Oximeter: Court Says Continuous Monitoring Would Have Saved Patient's Life.


Hospital Emergency Room Care: Court Finds No Nursing Negligence, Dismisses Lawsuit.


Respite Care: Nursing Assessment Faulted, Verdict Upheld For Fractured Hip From Fall.


Medications: Court Says Nurse Practitioner Can Be Liable For Homicide By Her Patient.


Nursing Home Negligence: Supreme Court Upholds Pre-Dispute Arbitration Agreements.


Overdose: Nurse Manager's Misstatement Of The Facts Can Extend Statute Of Limitations.


Preeclampsia: Nurse Failed To Monitor High-Risk Patient After Cesarean, Ruled Negligent.


Narcotics Diversion: Accused Of Tampering, Nurse Wins Malicious Prosecution Lawsuit.


E.R.: Nurses Ruled Not Liable, Patient Died From MI Only Hours After Discharge Home.


Skin Lesions: Court Finds Nursing Care Was Appropriate In All Respects, Suit Dismissed.


E.R.: Hectic Conditions Taken Into Account In Defining The Standard Of Care, Court Says.


Post-Operative Care; Court Says Nurses Should Have Advocated For Their Patient.


Cell-Phone Photo Of Patient: Hospital Had Grounds To Fire Employee, Court Rules.


Diabetes Insipidus: Nurses Did Not Monitor Output, Report Sodium Level To Physician.


Post-Surgical Care: Jury Faults Nurses For Patient's Death After Coronary Bypass.


Colostomy Care: Nurses Delegated Care To Family Member, Patient Fell, Broke Her Hip.


EMTALA: E.R. Staff Did Not Follow Hospital's Screening Process, Lawsuit Goes Forward.


Post-Surgical Nursing Care: Court Sees Grounds For Patient's Negligence Lawsuit.


IV Infiltration Alleged In Patient's Suit: Jury Sees No Negligence By Patient's Nurses.


PEG Feeding, Aspiration: Nurse's Late-Entry Progress Note Fails To Persuade The Jury.


Narcotic Overdose: Brain Damaged Patient Gets Large Verdict For Nursing Negligence.


Dehydration: Nursing Interventions Could Have Saved Patient, Lawsuit To Go Forward.


Patient's Fall: Nurse's Retraining After An Accident Is Not Proof Of Nursing Negligence.


Antidepressant: Nurse's Advice To Patient's Spouse Implicated In Patient's Suicide.


Cardiac Care: Nurse Failed To Report Status, Held Partially To Blame For Patient's Death.


Dysphagia, Choking, Death: Civil Monetary Penalty Upheld Against Nursing Facility.


Child Abuse: Care Providers Can Be Liable To The Child For Failure To Detect And Report.


DNR: Nurse Faulted For Delay While Looking For Patient's Code Paperwork.







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