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Online Edition 2013 - 2024

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May 2024 =

Nursing Leadership/Emergency Department/Hospital Liability

Circulating Nurse/Needle Left Inside Patient  -  Independent Physician

Mental Health Worker/Traumatic Stress  -  Patient Suicide By Cop

Caucasian Only Patient Request  -  Gay Nurse/Hostile Environment

Hostile Work Environment/Retaliation  -  Personnel Decisions

Discrimination/Right To Counsel  -  Nursing Home Malpractice

Minimum Nurse Staffing/Long Term Care  -  Obstetric Nursing

Patient Refuses To Leave  -  Arbitration/Nursing Home Cases


April 2024 =

Nurse/Diversion/Addiction/Rehabilitation/Nursing License

ICU Nursing/Unexplained Fractures  -  Medicare/Medicaid

Psychiatric Patient/Accidental Drowning  -  Professional Negligence

Racially Hostile Workplace  -  FMLA/Interference/Working On Leave

Class Action/Nurse Employment Contract  -  Nursing Home Negligence

ICU Visitor  -  EMTALA/Chronic Condition  -  Nurse/Pro Se Litigant

Deaf Patient/Deliberate Indifference  -  Guardianship  -  Limitations

Forensic Nursing/Patient Confidentiality  -  Union/Fair Representation 


March 2024 -

Nurse/Whistleblower/Patient Care/Patient Health And Safety

Patient Suicide/Nurses Assessment  -  Hoyer Lift/Standard Of Care

Involuntary Mental Health Medication/Patientís Freedom Of Choice

Nurse/Narcotics Diversion  -  Discrimination/Race/Color

Discrimination/Reasonable Accommodation  -  Nursing Student

Nursing License/Credit Report  -  Nurse As Expert Witness

Nursing Home Placement/Fraud  -  Religious Discrimination

In Vitro Fertilization  -  Emergency Room/Search Warrant


February 2024 =

Nurse As Patient Advocate/Physician's Negligence/Liability

Spoliation Of The Evidence/Video Recording  -  Spoliation/Chart

Spoliation Of The Evidence/Anesthesia Monitor Strips Not Printed

Nursing Faculty/Publish Or Perish/Discrimination  -  Retaliation

Patient Abuse  -  Home Health/Reasonable Accommodation

Prison Nursing  -  Choking  -  Drainage Tube/Retained Inside Patient

Care Plan/Ordinary Negligence/Professional Negligence

EMTALA/Patient Removed  -  Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner 


January 2024 =

Freedom Of Speech/Verbal Abuse/Patient's Constitutional Rights

Patient Fall/Nursing Negligence/Standard Of Care/Violation

Violence On Hospital Premises/Notice Of Unreasonable Hazard

Union Grievance/Duty Of Fair Representation  -  Nurse/Expert Witness

Spanish Accent/Bias/Communication  -  Discrimination Retaliation

Home Health  -  Wheelchair Fall  -  Hypertensive Crisis/Nurse

Unfair Labor Practice/Anti-Union Bias  -  Arbitration Agreement

Contraband In Patient's Clothing/Search  -  Nurse Expert Witness


December 2023 =

Nurse Practitioner/Emergency Room/Independent Contractor

Workers Compensation/Coworker vs. Caregiver  -  Third Party Suit

Service Animals/Disabled Nursing Student/Discrimination

Minority Nurse/Race Discrimination/Retaliation  - Hair Color/Bias

Family And Medical Leave Act/Interference/Retaliation

Workers Compensation/Injury Arising From Accident  -  Limitations

Sepsis/Wrongful Death/Objective Findings  -  Fourth Amendment

Deaf Patient/American Sign Language/Accompanying Adult Signs


November 2023 =

Emergency Room/Psychotic Patient/EMTALA/Stabilization/Transfer

Malicious Prosecution/Civil Lawsuit  -  CRNA/Medication Error

Child Abuse/Mandatory Reporter/Civil Liability/Future Harm

Racially Hostile Workplace/Racial Slur/Employment Decisionmaker

Nurse Whistleblower  -  Associational Disability Discrimination

Mental Health/Gravely Disabled  -  Video/Evidence/Spoliation

Residents Sexuality/Family Discretion  -  Arbitration Agreement

Discharge Nurse/Mother Smothered Infant  -  Blood Draw  -  Assault


October 2023 =

Informed Consent/Nurse/Physician/Presurgical Medications

Emergency  Room Fee  -  Medical Charges/Reasonable/Necessary

Psychiatric Hold/Patient Rights  -  Psychiatric Hold/Legal Counsel

Mandatory Overtime/Disability Discrimination  -  Transgender

Patient Privacy/Identity Revealed  -  DUI/Nursing License

Mental Health Hold/Constitutional Rights  -  Nursing Expert

Wage Adjustment/Nurses Union  -  Nursing Expert

CMS/Minimum Nurse Staffing/Long Term Care  -  Nurse/Physician


September 2023 =

Do Not Resuscitate/Living Will/Feeding Tube/Medical Battery

Nurse Practitioner/Social Security  -  Nurse/Age Discrimination

Nurse Practitioner/Pain Clinic  -  Homelessness/Involuntary Psych

Nurse/Addiction/Misconduct/Discrimination  -  Nurse/Harassment

Nurse/Workers Comp  -  Nurse/Reasonable Accommodation

Emails/Confidentiality  -  Aide/Force Feeding/Abuse  -  EMTALA

Mental Health Nursing/Discrimination  -  Nurse/Expert Witness

Pregnant Employees Fairness Act/EEOC Regulations  -  Patient Will


August 2023 =

Transgender Female/Emergency Room/Progesterone

Informed Consent/Nurse/Patient Informed  -  Patient Not Informed

Chemical Restraint/Seclusion/Convenience Of Staff/Abuse

Nurse/Sexual Harassment/Not Reported  -  Nurse/Patient/Assault

Affirmative Action - Bovie Pad Burn -  Arbitration

Adoption Report/Nurse Practitioner Race Bias  -  Prosthetic Limb

Quality Review Privilege  -  Nursing Expert/Out Of State

Pregnant Workers Protection Act  -  Infection Control  - Narcotic/Narcan


July 2023 =

Premature Infant/Nursing Care/Duty To Advocate For NICU

Miscarriage/Bereavement/Invasion Of Privacy  -  COVID-19 Treatment

Psychiatric Nursing/Compassion For The Mentally Ill

Discrimination/Equal Employment Opportunity Commission  -  Fall

Nurse/Social Security Disability/Transferable Job Skills

Pregnancy Discrimination  -  Sponge Left In Patient  -  Face Mask

Physician As Expert/Nursing Standard Of Care  -  Insurance Claims

COVID-19/Staff Vaccinations  -  Emergency Room  -  Trip And Fall


June 2023 =

Disability Discrimination/Health Inquiries Before Hiring

Decubitus Ulcers/Unavoidable/Clinical Comorbidity  -  Patient Fall

Intellectual Disability/Discrimination  -  Patient Suicide/Assessment

School Nurse/Patient Advocate/Retaliation  -  Nursing License

Nurse Whistleblower  -  Intimidation  -  Mandatory Vaccination

Code Blue/Records Missing/Evidence/Spoliation  -  Medicare Part A

Defensive Chart Entry  -  Fall/Ordinary/Professional Negligence

Power Of Attorney  -  Nursing Experts/Qualifications/Standard Of Care


May 2023 =  

Breast Cancer/Disability Discrimination  -  Diaper Rationing

Healthcare Surrogate Decision Maker/Incompetence/Certification

Involuntary Mental Health Treatment/Grave Disability/Danger

Service Animal  -  Slander/Defamation/Name-Calling/Liability

Discrimination/Retaliation  -  Comparator/Minority vs. Non-Minority

Alcohol/Blood Draw/E.R.  -  EMTALA  -  Handicapped Parking

Nurse As Patient Advocate/Stillbirth  -  US False Claims Act

Medical Records/Copying Charges  -  Nursing License/Due Process


April 2023 = 

Breast Cancer/Disability Discrimination  -  Diaper Rationing

Healthcare Surrogate Decision Maker/Incompetence/Certification

Involuntary Mental Health Treatment/Grave Disability/Danger

Service Animal  -  Slander/Defamation/Name-Calling/Liability

Discrimination/Retaliation  -  Comparator/Minority vs. Non-Minority

Alcohol/Blood Draw/E.R.  -  EMTALA  -  Handicapped Parking

Nurse As Patient Advocate/Stillbirth  -  US False Claims Act

Medical Records/Copying Charges  -  Nursing License/Due Process


March 2023 Not Published

February 2023 Not Published


January 2023 =

Bariatric Patient/Bariatric Bed/Nursing Standard Of Care

EMTALA/Patient Ejected From E.R.  -  EMTALA/Stabilization

Mental Health Aide/Job Description/Disability Discrimination

Nurse/Disability Discrimination/Reasonable Accommodation

Sexual Abuse/Patient vs. Caregiver  -  Caregiver vs. Patient Abuse

Perinatal Computer Software  -  Monitor Strips/Spoliation Of Evidence

Nursing Chain Of Command  -  Equal Pay Act/Male vs. Female Nurses

Medication/Strict Products Liability  -  Arbitration  -  Blood Draw


December 2022 =

Adverse Event/Quality Review Privilege/Power Point Slides

Incident Report/Anticipation Of Litigation  -  Nurse Practitioner

Emergency Department/False Imprisonment  -  Mandatory Reporter

Visitation/Disability Discrimination  -  Child Victim/Video/Hearsay

Unwitnessed Injury/Workers Comp  -  Parental Interference/Neglect

Patient Fall  -  Child Abuse/Mandatory Reporter  -  Nurse Victim

Mass Shooting/Security Consult  -  Sexual Abuse/Defamation

Switched At Birth  -  Patient/Criminal Suspect  -  Nursing Expert


November 2022 =

Sexual Assault Examination/Nurse As Agent For The Police

EMTALA/Patient Stable At Discharge  -  EMTALA/Reverse Dumping

EMTALA/Notice Posted To E.R. Patients  -  Medical Confidentiality

Nurse/Reasonable Accommodation  -  EMTALA/Appropriate Transfer

Associational Disability Discrimination  -  ADHD/Discrimination

Deaf Hospital Patient/Discrimination  -  HIPAA/Nurse/Testimony

Witness Statement/Legal Privilege  -  Cardiac Telemetry

Nurse As Expert Witness  -  Discrimination/Clinical Experience


October 2022 =

Fetal Death/Family Members' Emotional Distress/Hospital Liability

Antipsychotic Medications/Involuntary Administration/Patient's Rights

Nursing Shifts/Eight vs. Twelve Hours/Disability Discrimination

Discrimination/Race/Sexual Orientation/Nurse's Family Members

Religious Discrimination/Reasonable Accommodation  -  Racial Bias

HIPAA/Nurse/Patient's Privacy  -  Deep Vein Thrombosis 

Assault/Patient vs. Patient/Waiting Room  -  Identity Theft

Fragrance Allergy/Disability Discrimination  -  Nursing Experts


September 2022 =

Nursing Triage/Evidence Of Habit Or Routine Practice

Fall Risk Assessment  -  Diabetes Educator/Expert Witness

Hoyer Lift Transfer  -  Impaired Nurse  -  Psychiatric Commitment

Nurse/Pregnancy Discrimination/Supervisor's Bias  -  Arbitration

Patient Abuse/Self-Defense  -  Nurse/Age Bias/Adverse Action

Search Warrant/Forced Urinary Catheterization/Civil Rights

HIPAA/Roommate's Identity  -  Deaf Hospital Patient/Discrimination

Medical Records  -  Non-Discrimination  -  Danger Invites Rescue


August 2022 =

Nurse Practitioner/Pacemaker Malfunction/Auto Accident

Blood Draw/No Negligence  -  Patient Abandonment/Bathroom Assist

Mental Health Detention/Moot Point  -  Psychiatric Patient Restraint

Hard Of Hearing/Employment Discrimination  -  Gender Discrimination

EMTALA/Necessary Stabilizing Treatment/Appropriate Transfer

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner/Hearsay   -  Standing Orders

Restraints/Staff Convenience  -  Patient Abuse/Legal Defense

Reproductive Health/EMTALA  -  Nursing Home/Voting Rights


July 2022 =

Patient Fall Off Toilet/No Nursing Negligence  -  Hospital/Visitor's Fall

Nurse As Expert Witness/Nurse Practitioner vs. Registered Nurse

CNA/Sexual Misconduct/Police Interrogation/Miranda Warning

Nurse Practitioner/Stress Test  -  Russian Nurse/Discrimination

Nurse/Disability Discrimination/Reasonable Accommodation

Nurse/Child Abuse/Mandatory Report/Retaliation  -  Medication Allergy

Nurse/O2 Disconnected  -  Nurse/Clerk/Patient Transport

Nursing Home/Arbitration Agreement  -  Prenatal Care/Genetic Risk


June 2022 =

Nurse/Social Media/Objectionable Content/Freedom of Speech

Pressure Sores/Repositioning/Documentation  -  Medication Reaction

Psychiatric Medications/Involuntary Administration  -  Autopsy

Nurse/Age Discrimination/HIPAA Violation  -  Patient Abandonment

CNA Training/Age Discrimination  -  CRNA/Apparent Agency

Sexual Misconduct/Imposition  -  Hoyer Lift Transfer  -  Patient Abuse

Nurse Practitioner/Opioids/Overprescription  -  Workers Compensation

Trauma Nurse/Interview/Interpreter  -  Forensic Blood Draw


May 2022 =

Diabetic Nurse/Disability Discrimination/Reasonable Accommodation

Privacy Curtain/Strangulation Hazard  -  Discharge Instructions

Psychiatric Care/Fentanyl Intoxication/Death/Checks

False Claims Act  -  Nursing Student/Free Speech  -  COVID-19

Home Health/Employee/Independent Contractor/Tax Withholding

Nurse Practitioner  -  Hostile Work Environment  -  End Of Life

Nursing Home/Arbitration Agreement  -  Surgical Stapler

Informed Consent  -  Wrongful Death Lawsuit  -  Disabled Patient


April 2022 =

Arbitration/Mother Did Not Sign Agreement For Unborn Child

Deaf Patient/Video Remote Interpreting/US DOJ Standards

Medical Confidentiality/Nurse Allowed Hidden Camera In Patient Room

Nurse Whistleblower  -  Nurse/Discrimination/Age/Gender

Nurses Labor Union/Duty Of Fair Representation  -  Expert Witness

Nurse Ignored Panic Lab Values  -  Patient Fall  -  Call Bell/Response

Family And Medical Leave Act/Restoration To Previous Position

Gunshot Victim/Police Investigation  -  Financial Exploitation


March 2022 =

Bed Rails/Nursing Documentation/Nursing Standard Of Care

Aspiration Pneumonia/Standard Of Care  -  Nurse Fired/Facebook Post

Psychiatric Patient Assaults Family Member/Nurse Faulted

Spinal Fracture/Cervical Collar  -   Statute Of Limitations/Fall

Nurse Sexually Harassed By Patient/Hostile Work Environment

Deaf Patient/Left AMA/Family Interpreter/Deliberate Indifference

Wound Care/Neglect Of Vulnerable Adult  -  Home Health Nursing

Abortion  -  Discrimination/Male vs. Female/Different Unions


February 2022 =

Nurse Practitioners/Social Security/Acceptable Medical Source

Perioperative Nursing/Sponge Counts  -  Patient Fall/Care Plan

Nurse Assaulted/Patient Committed  -  Disability/ADA Compliance

Nursing Student/Due Process Of Law  -  Termination/CRNA

PTSD/Nurse/Disability Discrimination  -  Nurse Practitioner/Lab Band

Blind Patients/Braille  -  Arbitration Agreement  -  Patient Left AMA

Sexual Assault/Nurse vs. Patient  -  Nurse As Patient Advocate

Medicare/Prior Authorization/Master List  -  COVID-19 Update


January 2022 =

Patient Fall/Risk Assessment/Morse Fall Scale Score

Nursing Assessment/Gross Negligence  -  Bedsore/Progression

Inpatient Admission/Discharge/Involuntary Mental Health Hold

Sexual Assault/Background Check  -  Employee Misconduct

Racist Taunt/Minority vs. Minority  -  Gender Stereotype -  Toxic Mold

Hypertension/Nursing Standard Of Care  -  Nurse/Patient Advocate

Spoliation Of The Evidence/Notice Of Claim/Relevance Of Evidence

Family And Medical Leave Act -  Emergency Nursing  -  COVID-19


December 2021 =

Hearsay/Negligence Admitted  -  Emergency Room/Missed Diagnosis

Nurse/Workplace Toxins/Occupational Exposure  -  HIPAA

Psychiatric Patient/Identifiable Victim/Threat Of Violence/Duty To Warn

Racially Hostile Work Environment/Racial Slur  -  Discrimination

COVID-19 Test Refused  -  Operating Room/Fall  -  Patient Advocate

Lab Results/Wrong Doctor  -  Emergency Department  -  Stillbirth

Surgical Retractor/Res Ipsa Loquitur/Scrub Technician

COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination/CMS Conditions Of Participation


November 2021 =

Nurse/COVID-19/Disability Discrimination/Reasonable Accommodation

Service Animals/Hospital/Federal Regulations  -  Infection Control

Involuntary Psychiatric Commitment  -  Race Discrimination

Nurse/Disability Discrimination  -  Religious Sabbath/Accommodation

Nursing License  -  Healthcare Surrogate  -  English Language

Emergency Nursing/Police Arrest/involuntary Restraint  -  Visitation

Schizophrenia  -  Fall/Wheelchair  -  Patient Online Portal

COVID-19/Religious Exemption/Mandatory Vaccination  -  Turning


October 2021 =

Nurses As Patient Advocates/Labor & Delivery/Hypoxic Birth Injury

Service Animals/Disability Discrimination  -  Nursing Home/Death

Psychiatric Patients/Wheelchairs/Disability Discrimination

Employment Discrimination/Sexual Orientation/Gender/Age

Workplace Violence/Emergency Room Nurse  -  Human Rights

Nurse As Patient  -  Overtime Pay  -  Nurse/Grad School/Discrimination

Nurse Case Manager  -  Vaccine Injury  -  Nursing Home Arbitration

COVID-19/Religious Exemption/Disability Discrimination  -  Ivermectin 


September 2021 =

Impaired Physician/Nurse/Hospital Procedures/Defamation

Deaf Patient/Discrimination/Deliberate Indifference

Medical Marijuana/Employer Reprisals  -  Mental Health Commitment

Sexual Harassment/Physician vs. Nurse  -  Race Discrimination

Pregnancy Discrimination  -  Chaperone/Male Nurse/Female Patient

Nurse/Political Asylum  -  Nursing Home Resident's Rights

Nurse Practitioner/Social Security  -  Patient Abuse/Reporting

Federal Tort Claims/Malpractice  -  Arbitration  -  Nurse/Juror


August 2021 =

Emergency Department/EMTALA/Medical Screening Examination

Patient Fall/Extreme Fall Risk  -  Operating Room  -  DVT

Involuntary Psych Hold/Danger To Others  -  Visitor's Fall

Nurse/Fragrance Allergy/Breast Cancer/Disability Discrimination

Nurse/Noncompetition Agreement  -  Nurse/Race Discrimination

Nurse Chaperone/Gynecological Exam  -  Overtime Pay

School Nurse/Student Strip Search  -  IV/Complications

OSHA/COVID-19/Healthcare Employers  -  SANE Nurse/Testimony


July 2021 =

COVID-19/Mandatory Vaccinations/Reasonable Accommodation

Nurse As Patient Advocate/Emergency Department

Nursing Negligence/tPA Infusion -  Involuntary Psychiatric Care

Nurse Whistleblower/Public Policy  -  COVID-19/Infection Control

Nurse/Media Contact/Unfair Labor Practice  -  Post Mortem Care

Nursing Negligence/Patient Fall  -  Circulating Nurse  -  Evidence

Nurse As Patient Advocate/Labor & Delivery  -  ICU Nursing

Nursing Home/Understaffing  -  Arbitration  -  Nurse/Peer Review


June 2021 =

EMTALA/Appropriate Screening Examination/Stabilizing Treatment

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner/Mental Health Evaluation

Mental Health Hold/Timing Of Court Ordered Evaluation/Patient Rights

Nurse/Sexual Orientation/Discrimination  -  FMLA/Call In Policy

Nurse/Stress/Depression/Disability Discrimination  -  COVID-19

Informed Consent/CMS Standards  -  Nursing Home/Screening Calls

COVID-19/Vaccinations/Long Term Care  -  Power Of Attorney

Nurse Whistleblower  -  Emergency Department Nursing


May 2021 =

Disabled Patient/Discrimination/Temporary Restraining Order

Nursing Negligence/Implanted Medication Pump  -  Nurse Practitioners

Assault/Behavioral Health Patient vs. Patient/Standard Of Care

Agency Nurses/Employment Status/Discrimination  -  Bed Alarms

Whistleblower/Retaliation  -  Confidentiality/Medical Records

CRNA/Fentanyl Addiction/Disability Insurance  -  CRNA/Retaliation

Patient Abuse/Assault/Unreasonable Confinement  -  Visitor's Fall

NICU/Infection Control/CDC  -  Emergency Room/Blood Sample


April 2021 =

Crash Cart/Code Equipment/JCAHO Inspection/Negligence

COVID-19/PREP Act/Provider Immunity  -  COVID-19/Patient Neglect

COVID-19/Vaccination Prioritization  -  Race Discrimination

Family And Medical Leave Act/Indefinite Return To Work

Nurse/Discrimination/Psychiatric Take Down  -  Nursing Instructor

Patient Abuse/Certification  -  Patient Abuse/Patient Turning

Emergency Medical Treatment And Active Labor Act (EMTALA)

Diabetic Nurse  -  Patient Fall  -  Patient's Service Animal


March 2021 =

Telemedicine/Nurse/Physician Contact/Termination  -  Psych Care

Patient Transport/Motor Vehicle Accident/Nursing Negligence

Emergency Psychiatric Care/Patient Murdered Family Members

Sexual Harassment  -  Workers Compensation/Objective Findings

Abuse Reports/Defamation/Civil Liability  -  COVID-19/Employee Rights

Drug Diversion/Report/Retaliation  -  Diabetic Patient/Blood Glucose

Psych Patient/Threats/Assault  -  Towel Left In Surgery Patient

Fall From Exam Table  -  EMTALA/Appropriate Patient Transfer


February 2021 =

COVID-19 Isolation Wing/Disability Discrimination/Accommodation

Nursing Home Litigation  -  Arbitration  -  Hospital Visitor/Slip & Fall

Gender Reassignment  -  Family Interference  -  Mental Health Hold

Patient Sexually Harassed Home Health Nurse  -  Nurse/Work Comp

Chemical Sensitivity/Worker Comp  -  Whistleblower  -  Incident Report

Slip & Fall/Expert Witness  -  Blood Draw/Patient Fall  -  Skin Care

Incident Report/Nurse Manager's Opinions/Hospital Legal Defense

Elopement/Involuntary Manslaughter  -  EMTALA  -  Patient Hearsay


January 2021 =

COVID-19/Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act/Excluded Employees

Obstetric Nurse/Placentia Previa/Negligence  -  Malnutrition

Anorexia/Involuntary Hold  -  Patient's Will  -  Mandatory/Vaccinations

Sexual Harassment/Battery/Physician/Nurses  -  E.R. Nursing

Whistleblower/Retaliation  - Nanny Cam/Home Health/Nursing Home

Patient Fall/Nursing Negligence  -  Blood Transfusion/Contamination

Surgical Nursing/Complications  -  Medical Marijuana/Discrimination

Nurse/Pain Clinic  -  Nurse/Mental Health History  -  Aspiration/Sepsis


December 2020 =

COVID-19/Nurse's Rights/Employer Retaliation  -  Ambulation/Fall

COVID-19/FDA Guidance  -  COVID-19/FDA/Tests/Masks/Equipment

Post-Surgical Nursing/Negligence  -  Physician's Orders

Nursing Home Negligence/Statute Of Limitations  -  Jane Doe Lawsuit

Nurses/Medical Marijuana  -  Nurse/Whistleblower/Legal Counsel

Hospital Computer System  -  Visitor Fall  -  Res Ipsa Loquitur

Hospital/Video Recording  -  Patient Fall  -  Patient Kicked Nurse

Diabetic Nurse/Disability Discrimination  -  EMTALA/Patient Left AMA

November 2020 =

Deaf Hospital Patient/Auxiliary Aids To Communication/Discrimination

Informed Consent/Nurse/Physician/Patient  -  Nurse/Defamation

Statue Of Limitations  -  Standard Of Care/Community/National

Flu Vaccination/Disability Discrimination  -  Professional Boundaries

Drug Dependency/Disability Discrimination  -  Hospital Data Breach

Patient Fall  -  Nursing Student/Incompetence/Discrimination

Morphine Overdose/Statute Of Limitations  -  Nurse Midwife

Nurse/Workers Comp  -  Hospital Trespasser  -  Medicaid Fraud


October 2020 =

Nurse Practitioner/Social Media Posts/Punitive Damages

Patient Advocate/Preterm Labor  -  Contrast Dye/Allergic Reaction

Involuntary Psychiatric Commitment/Patient's Rights

Diabetic CNA/Disability Discrimination  -  Foreign Nurses

Nurse/Disability Discrimination/Reasonable Accommodation

School Nurse/Patient Advocate  -  Labor & Delivery/Monitor Strips

Organ Donation/Anatomical Gift Act  -  Nursing Home/Arbitration

COVID-19/FDA Guidance  -  Nursing Negligence/Skin Care


September 2020 =

Emergency Department/EMTALA/Patient Stabilization/Discharge

Post-Operative Nursing Care/Negligence  -  Mental Status Changes

Guilty Plea/Criminal Record/Direct Patient Care  -  Unemployment

Nurse/Patient Advocate/Healthcare Outcome  -  Assisted Living

Substandard Care  -  Nurse/Whistleblower  -  Nursing License

Patient Lifestyle Choices/Comparative Negligence  -  Trache Tube

Patient Charting/Statute Of Limitations  -  Hospital/Slip & Fall

Disability/Earthquake Drill  -  Union Organizing  -  Nurse/Expert Witness


August 2020 =

Psych Medication Not Given/Wanton Neglect Of Facility Resident

Arbitration/Family Member  -  Dialysis/Orthostatic Blood Pressures

Evidence/Spoliation  -  Pregnancy Discrimination/CNA/Nursing Home

Anxious Patient/Emergency Room  -  Minority/Discrimination

Home Health/Overtime  -  SANE/Hearsay  -  Post-Surgical Nursing Care

Fall Risk Mitigation/Standard Of Care  -  Medication Error/Expert

Fall From Bedside Commode  -  Foreign Nurses/Human Trafficking

COVID-19/FDA Guidance  -  EMTALA/Outpatient  -  Surgical Nursing


July 2020 =

Emergency Nursing/Patient Death/Patient History  -  Deaf Patient

Skin Breakdown/Nursing Negligence  -  CRNA/Anesthesia

Mental Health Hold/Involuntary/False Imprisonment Lawsuit

Nurse Personnel Files/Peer Review/Malpractice/Civil Discovery

Psychiatric Records/Confidentiality  -  FMLA/Nurse/Retaliation

Patient Abuse  -  Narcotics Diversion  -  Sexual Assault/Nursing Home

Jane Doe Patient/Next Of Kin  -  Infection/Surgery/Face Masks

Transfer/Injury  -  Blood Products  -  School Nurse/Diabetic Student


June 2020 =

COVID-19/Hospital's Obligations To Nurses/US Labor Law

Perioperative Nursing/Choice Of Sutures  -  Psychiatric Disability

Emergency Nursing/Anaphylactic Crisis/Epinephrine Injection

Emergency Medical Treatment And Active Labor Act

Physician Nurse Communication/Negligence/Standard Of Care

Nursing Home/Skin Lesions/Negligence  -  NG Tube

COVID-19 Guidance Documents Released By FDA

COVID-19 CMS Regulations/Conditions Of Participation


May 2020 =

Emergency Department/Cardiac Protocol/EMTALA Violation

Disability Discrimination/Mental Health  -  Racial Profiling/Hospital E.R.

Skilled Nursing/Visitor/Slip And Fall  -  Nursing Home Litigation

Mental Health Hold/Assault/Battery  -  Hospital/Racial Hostility

Nursing Director/Whistleblower  -  Nurse/Knee Injury/Workers Comp

Nursing Assessment/Central Line Removal  -  Patient Confidentiality

Nurses/Physician/Racist Remarks  -  Medication Allergy  -  Defamation

US False Claims Act  -  Deaf Patient/Discrimination/Court Injunction


April 2020 =

Communicable Virus/Infected Nurse/Hospital Liability

CRNA/Fentanyl Addiction/Disability Insurance  -  Deaf Patient/Hospital

Skilled Nursing Facility/Deaf Patient/ASL Interpreter

Nurse/Freedom Of Conscience/Abortion/Family Planning

Sexual Assault/Nurse vs. Patient  -  CNA/Whistleblower

Nurse/Disability Discrimination  -  Emergency Department/EMTALA

Nursing Home/Arbitration  -  Overinflated BP Cuff  -  Patient Raped

CDC/Infection Control Guidelines  -  Nurse/Juror Misconduct


March 2020 =

Sexual Harassment/Prompt And Effective Remedial Action

Circulating Nurse/Surgical Antibiotic/Documentation/Advocacy

CMS/Medicaid/Regulations Proposed  -  Withdrawal Of Consent

Discrimination/Adverse Employment Action  -  Misconduct/Termination

Religious Discrimination/Mandatory Flu Vaccination  -  Whistleblower

Advocacy/Nursing Chain Of Command  -  Arbitration/Malpractice

US False Claims Act/Data Manipulation  -  Social Media/Patient Photo

MRSA/Hospital Volunteer  -  Hoyer Lift/Patient Dropped  -  EMTALA


February 2020 =

Disability Discrimination/Reasonable Accommodation

Nurse Injured By Patient/Negligence Lawsuit  -  Prison Nursing

Resident Elopement/Independent Living Facility/Liability

Defamation/Agency Nurse/Legal Privilege  -  Defamation/Abuse

Labor Law/LPNs/Union Representation  -  Nurse/Learned Professional

EMTALA/Family Member/Emotional Distress  -  Memory Care

Discrimination/Nurse/Comparator  -  Nurse As Patient Advocate

Patient's Will/Mental Capacity/Nursing Assessment  -  Skin Care


January 2020 =

Labor And Delivery Nursing/Malpractice/Liability

Advanced Practice Nursing/Bedside Nursing/Standard Of Care

Blood Draw/Hospital/Negligence  -  Civil Court Summons/Default

Unfair Labor Practices/Union Nurse/Termination  -  Profanity

Understaffing/Nurse/Whistleblower  -  Injury On The Job

Emergency Nursing/Intoxicated Patient/Call To Police

ICU/Transfer/Terminal Patient  -  Statue Of Limitations

Forensic Nursing  -  Narcotics Diversion  -  Pain Clinic/Narcotics


December 2019 =

Guardianship/Incapacitated Patient  -  Emergency Nursing

Mental Health Commitment/Stoma Patient  -  Insurance Coverage

Alzheimer's/Nurse As Expert Witness/Probate Will Contest

Epilepsy/Psychiatric Nursing Assistant/Disability Discrimination

Age Discrimination  -  Labor Law/Arbitration/Abuse/Neglect

Labor Law/Nurse Patient Ratios/Whistleblower  -  Post-Anesthesia

Agency Employee/Workers Comp  -  Nursing License

Statue Of Limitations  -  Pneumonia  -  SANE Nurse/Hearsay


November 2019 =

Extreme Fall Risk/No Privacy Policy  -  Post-Fall Report To Physician

Home Health/Vulnerable Adult/Neglect/Mandatory Report

Nursing Staffing  -  Patient Fall/No Injury/No Legal Case

Homeless/Hospital/Trespass  -  Nursing Management/Discrimination

Uneven Discipline/Discrimination  -  Workers Comp/Parking Lot

Child Neglect/Hospital/Mandatory Reporters  -  Opioid Deaths

Human Trafficking/Foreign Nurses/Unfair Contract  -  HIPAA

Discharge Planning/New CMS Conditions Of Participation


October 2019 =

Emergency Department/Nursing Assessment/Patient History

Same-Day Surgery/Post-Anesthesia Nursing Care  -  X-ray Order

Methicillin Sensitive Staph Aureus/Emergency Department

Psychosocial Nursing/Involuntary Mental Health Commitment

Race Discrimination/Work Assignments  -  Pregnancy Discrimination

Diabetic Nurse/Disability Discrimination  -  Racist Patient

Compartment Syndrome/Nursing Assessment  -  Defamation/Texts

Fall Risk Assessment  -  NICU Infection Control/New CDC Guidelines


September 2019 =

Patient Confidentiality/Unauthorized Access To Hospital Census

Deaf Patient/Family Member Forced To Interpet/Discrimination

Deaf Patient/ASL Interpreter/Deliberate Indifference  -  US Regulations

Mandatory Flu Vaccination/Nurse/Disability Discrimination

Diabetic Nurse/Disability Discrimination/Reasonable Accommodation

Race Discrimination/Minority Nurse  -  In-Home Oxygen/Fire

Mental Illness/Involuntary Commitment  -  Arbitration Agreements

Post-Operative Nursing/Nurse As Patient Advocate  -  Prison Nursing


August 2019 =

Fetal Demise/Family Birth Center/Nursing Triage  -  Patient Fall

Deaf Patient/ASL Interpreter/Discrimination/Deliberate Indifference

Patient Fall/Care Plan Modification/Nursing Negligence

Back Injury On The Job/Nurse/Worker's Compensation 

Job Description/Disability Discrimination/Qualified Individual

Nurse/Whistleblower/Patient Safety  -  CMS Standards/Long Term Care

Oxygenation/Nursing Negligence  -  CMS/Arbitration/Long Term Care

Nursing License Revocation  -  Post-Partum Hemorrhage/Negligence


July 2019 =

Medical Confidentiality/HIPAA Violation/Termination  -  Diabetic Patient

Chemotherapy Reaction  -  Emergency Department/Video Surveillance

Mental Health Patient/Privileged Communication  -  Patient Abuse

Disabled Family Member/Associational Discrimination

Workplace Violence/Discrimination  -  Race Discrimination

Affordable Care Act  -  Patient Transport/Vehicle Accident

Sexual Assault/Nursing Notes/Hearsay Testimony  -  Pain Clinic

Nursing Expert/Witness Intimidation  -  Patient/Sepsis/Negligence


June 2019 =

Deaf Patient/Emergency Department/ASL Interpreter

Perioperative Nursing  -  Psychiatric Care  -  Involuntary Psych Hold

Emergency Psych Detention  -  Bipolar Nurse/Disability Discrimination

Operating Room/Slip And Fall  -  Nursing License/Medical Marijuana

Mandatory Overtime/Discrimination  -  Statute Of Limitations

Civil Suit/Service Of Process  -  Skilled Nursing/Civil Monetary Penalty

EMTALA/Discharge/Hypertension  -  Chest Tube/Nursing Care

Labor Law/Intimidation  -  Nurse Practitioner/Standard Of Care


May 2019 =

Fall From Bedside Commode/Fall Risk Assessment/Prevention

Patient Suicide/Assessment/Danger To Self  -  Companion Animal

Mental Health Hold/Forced Psychiatric Medication/Civil Assault Suit

Informed Consent/Surgical Consent Form/Arthroscopy

Nursing License/Disorderly Conduct/No-Contest Plea  -  SANE Nurse

EMTALA/Emergency Medical Screening/Stabilization/Transfer

Neonatal Intensive Care Nursing  -  Skilled Nursing/Sexual Assault

Diabetic Wound Care  -  Durable Medical Equipment/CMS Regulations


April 2019 =

Retained Lap Pad/Circulating Nurse/Surgical Technician

Patient Sexually Assaulted/Prior Incident/Hospital's Investigation

Nursing Facility/Civil Monetary Penalty  -  Nurses/Fair Labor Standards

Nurse Liaison/Emergency Department/Unethical Practice  -  Retaliation

Medical Confidentiality  -  Whistleblower/Nurses Aide

Involuntary Mental Health Detention/Triage Nurse/Emergency Room

Dementia Patient/Assault  -  Nurse/Childbirth/Breech Presentation

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner  -  Unfair Labor Practices


March 2019 =

Emergency Nursing/Neurological Assessment  -  Sexual Assault

Communication/Disability Discrimination  -  Medical Confidentiality

Nurse/No Direct Patient Care/Disability Discrimination

CNA Harassed By Patient  -  Nurse/Race Discrimination

Nursing Student/Bipolar Disorder/Reasonable Accommodation

Obstetric/Neonatal Nursing/Legal Responsibilities  -  Hot Soup/Burns

Nursing Negligence/Stroke Patient  -  Labor And Delivery Nursing

Emergency Nursing/Forensic Blood Draw  -  Age Discrimination


February 2019 =

Patient Controlled Analgesia/Spoliation Of The Evidence

Nursing Facility/Visitor Fall/Video Erased  -  Medicaid Application

Deaf Patient/Disability Discrimination/Americans With Disabilities Act

Mandatory Flu Vaccination/Freedom Of Religion  -  Sexual Harassment

CRNA/Disability Discrimination  -  Family And Medical Leave Act

Nurse As Patient Advocate  -  Arbitration/Durable Power Of Attorney

Death/Nursing Negligence  -  Defamation  -  Nursing Protocols

Domestic Violence  -  Drug Diversion  -  Pregnancy/Lifting Restriction


January 2019 =

Nursing Facility Residents' Sex Relations/Federal Regulations

Nurse As Patient Advocate/Compartment Syndrome  -  Psych Nursing

SANE Certification/Expert Testimony  -  Quality Assurance Privilege

Nurse/Whistleblower/Retaliation  -  Nursing License/Theft Conviction

Nurse/Opioid Dependence/Disability Discrimination

Emergency Nursing  -  Dysphagia/Aspiration/Patient Death

Nurse/Skin Integrity/Expert Witness  -  EMTALA/Inpatient Care

Hospital/Patient Transfer  -  Patient's Fall/Standard Of Care


December 2018 =

Narcotics Diversion/Propofol Intoxication/Auto Accident

Deaf Mother/Pediatric Patient/No Disability Discrimination

Hospital Discharge Planning/CMS Regulations  -  Arbitration

Reduction In Force/FMLA/Reinstatement  -  EMTALA/Retaliation

Disability Discrimination/Medical Leave  -  Mandatory Flu Shots

Labor Law/CNA/LPN/Bargaining Unit  -  EMTALA/False Labor

Change In Health Status  -  Home Health/Physician's Order

Labor & Delivery Nursing  -  E.R. Nursing  -  Nursing Experts


November 2018 =

Deaf Mother/Pediatric Patient/Disability Discrimination

Psychiatric Nursing/Asphyxiation/Death  -  Nurse/Age Discrimination

Contaminated Medication  -  CNA/Abuse Registry  -  Drug Diversion

Disabled Family Member/Reasonable Accommodation  -  Transfer

Medication Error/Contradicted/Opiate/Morphine Overdose

EMTALA/Hospital/Reverse Dumping  -  Nursing Home/Medicaid

Nurse/Race Discrimination/Retaliation  -  Unused Medications

CDC/Infection Control Guidelines  -  CDC/Vaccine Information


October 2018 =

Fall Prevention/Bed Alarm/Nursing Negligence  -  Femur Fracture

Hearing Patient/Deaf Family Members/Disability Discrimination

Nurse Practitioner/Social Security Disability  -  Psychiatric Patient

US Trafficking Victims' Protection Act/Foreign Nurses/Class Action

FMLA Interference  -  Nursing Director On Call  -  Disability

Emergency Nursing/Criminal Defendant  -  Nurse/Civil Assault Case

Nurse Practitioner/Discrimination  -  Nasogastric Tube/Patient Death

Medicare/Medicaid/Proposed New Conditions Of Participation


September 2018 =

Nursing Documentation/Negligence/Legal Cause  -  Alcoholic Patient

Medication/Toxic Side Effects/Nursing Negligence

Psychiatric Patient/Involuntary Commitment/Premature Discharge

Age Discrimination/Disability Discrimination/HIPAA Violation

Verbal Abuse/Hostile Environment  -  Nursing License

Nurse Whistleblower  -  Developmental Disability/Choking Death

Skilled Care/Assisted Living  -  Root Cause Analysis  -  Patient Death

Labor Law/Picket/Leaflet/Hospital Premises  -  Nurse Practitioner


August 2018 =

Health Care Fraud/Medicare/Home Health Nurse

Emergency Department Nursing  -  Patient Fall/Nursing Expert

Abuse Reporting/Good Faith/Legal Immunity

Nurse/Age Discrimination  -  Nurse/Gender Discrimination

Nurse/Religious Discrimination  -  Patient Sexual Harassment

Nurse/Racial Discrimination  -  Family Member Interference

Medical Negligence/Statute Of Limitations  -  Dysphagia/Aspiration

US Patient Safety Act  -  SANE Nurse  -  Patient Assaults Nurse


July 2018 =

Back Injury/Disability Discrimination/Reasonable Accommodation

Emergency Department/Drug Search/Civil Rights  -  ICU Nursing

Nurse/Patient Controlled Analgesia  -  Assisted Living/Memory Care

Nurse/Expert Witness/Drug Allergy  -  Nurse/Employment Grievance

Nurse/Race Discrimination  -  EMTALA/Hospital/Whistleblower

Skin Care/Nursing Standard Of Care  -  Nursing Home Arbitration

Stillborn Fetus/Fetal Remains/Hospital/Negligent Mishandling

Nursing Home/Abuse/Neglect  -  Nursing Education  -  CMS Regulations


June 2018 =

Sexual Harassment By Patient/Nursing Caregiver's Rights

Deaf Patient/No ASL Interpreter/Discrimination  -  Psych Admission

Nurse Expert Witness/Skin Lesion  -  Adoption/Parental Rights

Retained Surgical Sponge/Perioperative Nurses

Nurses Aide/Racial Discrimination  -  Nurse/Whistleblower

Visitation/Nursing Facility/Patient's Rights  -  Nurse/Confidentiality

Memory Care/Short Staffing/Patient Injury  -  Patient's Fall/Negligence

Nurse/Sexual Assault/Victim Interview  -  Visitor/Slip And Fall


May 2018 =

Deaf Hospital Patient/Deliberate Indifference

Corporate Misconduct  -  Unprofessional Conduct/License Revoked

Labor & Delivery/Nurse As Patient Advocate/Chain Of Command

Nurse/Narcotics Diversion/Defamation  -  Discipline/Follow Up

Discrimination/Male Aide  -  Whistleblower/Dangerous Patient

Dysphagia/Aspiration/Death  -  Patient Fall/Expert Witness

OSHA/Bloodborne Pathogens  -  Spoliation Of Evidence

Medicare/Medicaid/Prior Authorization List


April 2018 =

Healthcare Fraud/US False Claims Act/DON/Wrongful Discharge

Emergency Department Nursing/Documentation  -  Fall Assessment

Nurse/Depression/Discrimination  -  Nursing Negligence/Causation

Transgender Nurse/Sexual Harassment/Discrimination/Retaliation

HIPAA/Nurse/Medical Confidentiality  -  Quality Assurance Privilege

Colostomy/Negligent Nursing Care  -  Choking/Nursing Negligence

Health Care Fraud/Conviction  -  Emergency Nurse/Sexual Misconduct

Nursing Home/Unfair Labor Practice  -  Vaccine Information Statements


March 2018 =

Child Abuse/Emergency Department/Parents' Lawsuit

Emergency Department/Delayed Medical Screening/EMTALA  -  HIPAA

Psychiatric Facility/Patient vs. Patient Assault  -  Nursing Students

Patient/Methadone/Danger To Others  -  Race Discrimination

Racial Remark/Coworker/Discrimination  -  CRNA/Liability

Patient Fall/Expert Testimony  -  Skilled Nursing/Understaffing

Tracheostomy Care/Bleeding/Nursing Negligence  -  Whistleblower

Antineoplastic/Hazardous Drugs/Healthcare/CDC Update


February 2018 =

Nurse/Medication Error  -  Fall/Nursing Home  -  Confidentiality

Positioning/Fall  -  IM Injection/Nursing Negligence  -  Sexual Assault

Nursing Home/Identity Theft  -  Medicare Fraud  -  Social Media Posts

Nurse/Work Hours/Falsification  -  Nurses Aide/Abuse Registry

Nurse/Medication Error  -  Nursing Progress Notes/Negligence

Litigation/Destruction Of Evidence  -  Hospital Inpatient Admissions

Flu Shot Text Reminder/Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Confidential Information/Nurse/Substandard Care


January 2018 =

Nurse/Sexual Harassment/Disability Discrimination  -  Nurse Overtime

Nursing Documentation  -  Family Member/Emotional Distress

Psychiatric Nursing/Headlock  -  Mandatory Flu Vaccinations

Patient/Freedom Of Religion  -  Quality Review Privilege

Narcotics Diversion/Age/Race Discrimination  -  Nursing Expert

Physician Expert  -  Report To Physician/Medical Outcome

Nursing Home Admission  -  Nursing Home Fall/Standard Of Care

Nursing Home Arbitration  -  Nurse/On The Job Injury/Third Party Suit


December 2017 =

Hospital Emergency Department/Heroin Overdose Death

Coumadin Overdose/Nursing Negligence  -  Emergency Nursing

Chemical Dependency/Psychiatric Problems/Disability Discrimination

Nurse/Workers Compensation/Partial Permanent Disability

Nurse/Narcotics Diversion  -  Nurse/Religious Discrimination

Dementia Care/Elopement/Assisted Living  -  Patient's Fall/Verdict

Nursing Assessment/Liver Toxicity  -  Patient Assault On Caregiver

IM Injection/Location/Standard Of Care  -  Forensic Nursing


November 2017 =

Nursing Experts/Specialist vs. Specialist  -  Patient's Fall/Alarm

Choking Death/Nursing Negligence/Director Of Nursing

Fall/Nursing Standard Of Care  -  Nurse/Pregnancy Discrimination

White Male Nurse/Employment Discrimination/Retaliation

Nurse Practitioners/Partnership Agreement  -  Operating Room

Nurse Whistleblower  -  Surgical Consent/Healthcare Surrogate

IV/Standard Of Care  -  Hot Beverage Spill  -  Hospital Discharge

Feeding Tube/Aspiration  -  Nursing Home Abuse/Hidden Video Camera


October 2017 =

Quality Review Privilege/Documents Shielded From Civil Discovery

Deaf Patient/American Sign Language Interpreter/Discrimination

Overtime/Fair Labor Standards  -  Psychiatric Nursing/Immunity

Cardiac Telemetry  -  Nurse/Race Discrimination  -  Patient Assessment

Medical Confidentiality/Unauthorized Persons/Treatment Area

Quality Review/Documents Not Shielded From Civil Discovery

Arbitration Agreement/Mental Capacity  -  Fall/Wheelchair

Home Health/Non-Competition Agreement  -  Labor Law


September 2017 =

Nurse/Whistleblower/Wrongful Termination  -  Informed Consent

Nurse Practitioner/Emergency Department  -  Fall/Call Bell

Involuntary Psychiatric Hospitalization  -  Nurse/HIPAA Violation

Nursing License/Discrimination  -  Nurse Kissed Patient/Abuse

Pregnancy Discrimination/Light Duty  -  Skin Care

Deaf Mother/Pediatric Patient/Communication/Discrimination/ASL

Incident Reports/Quality Review Privilege  -  Fall/Statute Of Limitations

Nurse/False Claims Act  -  Choking/Dentures  -  Union Representation


August 2017 =

Labor & Delivery Nursing  -  Patient Transfer/Negligence

Emergency Department Nurse Manager  -  Skin Care/Negligence

Psychiatric Hold/Nursing Negligence  -  Racial Remarks/Retaliation

Nurse/Race Discrimination  -  Patient's Fall/Nursing Negligence

Physician Removed/Texted Nurse Photo  -  Understaffing

Quality Assurance Privilege/Nurse/Incident Report  -  Critical Care

Arbitration Agreement/Nursing Home  -  False Claims Act

Jehovah's Witness/No Blood/Death  -  Medication Patches


July 2017 =

Nurse As Patient Advocate  -  Labor & Delivery Nursing

Psychosocial Nursing/Mental Health Examination/Patient Suicide

Employment Physical/Nurse/Discrimination  -  Telemetry Data

Narcotics/Wastage/Documentation  -  Vulnerable Adults

Disability Discrimination/Reasonable Accommodation

Emergency Department Nursing/Cardiac/Blood Pressure Monitors

Intubation/Extubation/Nursing Negligence  -  Insulin Dosage

Nurse Practitioner/Contraception  -  Emergency Triage  -  CMS


June 2017 =

Mandatory Immunizations/Disability Discrimination

Deaf Patients/Disability Discrimination/Rights/Obligations

CRNA/Whistleblower/Good Faith Report  -  CNA/Back Problems

Nurse Float Policy/Race Discrimination  -  CRNA/Narcotics/Wasting

Family And Medical Leave Act/Employee's Rights/Interference

Skin Care/Nurse Expert/Standard Of Care  -  Vulnerable Adult

Patient's Fall/Bed Alarm/Nursing Negligence  -  Wheelchair

Positioning  -  Incident Report/Quality Review Privilege


May 2017 =

Nursing Documentation/Negligence/Cauda Equina Syndrome

Patient's Fall/Nursing Standard Of Care  -  Post-Operative Nursing

Nursing Facility/Marketing/False And Deceptive Practices

Nurse/Employer Retaliation/Family And Medical Leave Act

Nurse/Disability Discrimination  -  Nurse/Job Stress  - Racial Bias

Labor & Delivery Nursing/Standard Of Care

Nursing Assessment/Patient History  -  Against Medical Advice

Home Health/CMS Regulations  -  Hospital Bed  -  Whistleblower


April 2017 =

Nurse/Patient Advocate/Patient Suicide  -  Nurse/Fall Risk

Nurse Practitioner/Hypertension/Patient Teaching

CNA/Discrimination/Sleeping  -  White Male Nurse/Discrimination

Surgical Tech/Whistleblower  -  Nurse/Employment Retaliation

Nurse/Narcotics Diversion/Disability Discrimination

Nurse/Post-Mortem Care/Emotional Distress  -  Nursing Negligence

Nurse Practitioner/Medical Records  -  Home Health/Medicare/Fraud

EMTALA  -  Labor Law/Nurses/Supervisors/Unfair Labor Practice


March 2017 =

Emergency Department Nursing/Stabilization/Discharge/EMTALA

Fall/Hospital  -  Patient vs. CNA/Racial/Sexual/Harassment

Alcoholic Patient/Nurse Assaulted/Patient Arrested

Nurse/Age Discrimination  -  Nurse/Comparator/Age Discrimination

Fall/Hospital Bed Too Small  -  Worker's Comp/Disability Discrimination

EMTALA/Reverse Dumping  -  Arbitration/Health Care Proxy

Incident Reports/Quality Review Privilege  -  Patient's Fall

Patient Leaves Hospital AMA  -  Patient Teaching/Patient Safety


February 2017 =

Hearing Impaired Family Member/Discrimination/Hospital

Child Abuse/Mandatory Reporter  -  Skin Care/Billing Records

Patient Eloped From Psychiatric Care/Family's Lawsuit

Age Discrimination  -  Nurse's Accent  -  Nurse Float Policy

Nurse Whistleblower  -  Labor Law/Nursing Supervisor  -  Job Offer

Nurse Negligence  -  Physician On-Call List  -  Sexual Assault

Transfer/Discharge Rights/Nursing Home  -  Deaf Patient

Sexual Assault  -  CMS/Home Health Regulations  -  Ebola Virus


January 2017 =

Nurse As Patient Advocate/Emergency Department/Chain Of Command

Nurse/Therapeutic Boundaries  -  Powdered Gloves/FDA Ban

Skilled Nursing/Civil Monetary Penalty/Substantial Compliance

Mental Health/Arbitration  -  EMTALA/Nurse  -  Labor & Delivery Nursing

Nurse/Disability Discrimination/Reassignment  -  Sexual Harassment

Nurse/Anxiety/Depression/Disability Discrimination  -  Restraints

Visitation Rights  -  Family Member/Emotional Distress

Nurse/Post-Mortem Care  -  Preauthorization/Insurance/Medicare


December 2016 =

EMTALA/Medical Screening Examination  -  Bedrails Down

Medication Patches/Nursing Negligence  -  Patient vs. Patient Assault

Involuntary Psychiatric Hold  -  Understaffing/Nurse Whistleblower

Nurse/Age Discrimination  -  Nurse/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Impaired Nurse/Drug Screen  -  Narcotics Diversion  -  Labor Law

Patient's Fall/Nursing Negligence  -  IV Fluid/Nursing Negligence

Jail Nursing/Deliberate Indifference  -  Home Health/Coumadin/INR

Belligerent Family Member  -  Float Nurse/Race Discrimination


November 2016 =

Disability Discrimination/Physicians' Orders  -  Patient's Fall

Visitor's Fall  -  Nurse Practitioner/Physician As Expert Witness

Oxygen Saturation/Nursing Negligence  -  Discrimination/Age/Race

Nurse/Misconduct  -  Patient Death/Nursing Negligence

Hearing Impaired Family Members/Disability Discrimination

Anticoagulant/Stroke  -  Long Term Care/New CMS Standards

Labor & Delivery/Shoulder Dystocia/Nursing Expert/ACOG

Antineoplastic/Hazardous Drugs  -  HIV Status/Confidentiality


October 2016 =

Emergency Department Nursing/EMTALA Violation  -  Biased Juror

Aspirated Dental Bridge/Nursing Negligence  -  CDC/Immunizations

Threatening Family Member/Restraining Order   -  Whistleblower

Pregnancy Discrimination/Light Duty  -  Nurse/Racial Discrimination

Impaired Nurse/Disability Discrimination  -  EMTALA/Stroke

Peer Review Privilege/Nursing Home Negligence  -  CRNA/Negligence

Emergency Department/Miscarriage/Emotional Distress

CMS/Emergency Preparedness  -  Zika Virus  -  Civil Monetary Penalties


September 2016 =

Hyperbilirubinemia/Nursing Negligence  -  Labor & Delivery Nursing

Shoulder Dystocia/Nurse Midwife/Physician/Obstetric History Review

Neonatal Nursing/Infant Scalded  -  Psychiatric Nursing/Fatal Assault

Misuse Of Hospital Email System/Intentional Misconduct/Termination

Nursing License/Fraud/Misrepresentation  -  Discrimination/Race

Discrimination/Disability  -  Skin Care  -  Patient's Falls/Documentation

Skilled Nursing Facility/Involuntary Transfer/Discharge

Nurse/Whistleblower  -  Medicare/Medicaid/Fraud  -  CMS Regulations


August 2016 =

Advance Directive/Wrongful Prolongation Of Life  -  EMTALA

Failure To Diagnose Cancer/Nursing Negligence

Psychosocial Nursing/Less Restrictive Placement/Conditional Release

Nurse/Whistleblower  -  Nurse/Race Discrimination  -  Male Nurse

Nurse/Disability Discrimination  -  Abuse/Faulty Transfer Technique

Sexual Assault/Nurse/Fraudulent Concealment Of Material Facts

Arbitration Agreement/Signatures/Power Of Attorney

Jail Nursing  -  Head Injury/Nursing Assessment/Interventions


July 2016 =

Risk Management/Root Cause Analysis/Attorney Client Privilege

Pressure Sores/Development/Progression/Substandard Care

Pressure Sores/Nursing Documentation  -  Patient's Fall

Medicare/Medicaid/New Conditions Of Participation/Nursing Services

Communication With Physician/Nursing Negligence

Post-Surgical Wound Care/Nursing Negligence

ICU/Ant Bites  -  Unsafe Transfer/Negligence  -  Bacterial Infection

Unfair Labor Practices  -  HIPAA/Discrimination/Wrongful Termination


June 2016 =

Patient's Fall/Nurse/Nursing Student/Documentation

Deaf Patients/ASL /Disability Discrimination/Deliberate Indifference

Change In Health Status/Federal Regulations/Nursing Care

Wrong Medication/Battery/Fraud/Emotional Distress

Neonatal Nursing  -  Narcotics Diversion/Defamation/Immunity

Confidential Incident Report  -  FMLA  -  Abuse Reporting

Atrial Fibrillation/Nursing Care  -  Corrections Nursing

Nursing Telephone Triage  -  Arbitration  -  New CMS Regulations


May 2016 =

Perioperative Nursing/Retained Foreign Objects/Res Ipsa Loquitur

Dehydration/Malnutrition/Substandard Nursing Care  -  Nurse Juror

Patient's Fall/Nursing Negligence  -  Abandonment Of Employment

Nurse/Knee Injury/Disability Discrimination  -  Nurse/Whistleblower

Flu Vaccination/Religious Discrimination/Reasonable Accommodation

Substandard Skin Care/Punitive Damages  -  EMTALA/Discharge

Nurses/US Customs/Illegal Search And Seizure  -  Cardiac Cath

Fair Labor Standards/Hospital Attire  -  CDC/Vaccine Information


April 2016 =

Nurse/Influenza/Wrongful Termination  -  Insurance Coverage/Fraud

Drug Allergy/Charting  -  Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioners

Physician vs. Nurses Harassment/Clinical Privileges Revoked

Nurse Anesthetist/PACU Nurses/Morphine/Overdose

Nurse/Family And Medical Leave Act  -  Gender Discrimination

Nurses/Patient's Race-Based Caregiver Request  -  Confidentiality

Nurse/Medication/Informed Consent  -  Nurse/Sexual Assault

Arbitration  -  Reasonable Accommodation  -  CDC/Vaccine Information


March 2016 =

Nurse/Medical Confidentiality/HIPAA/Family Member

Deaf Patients/American Sign Language Interpreter  -  Bruising/Abuse

Nurse/Race Discrimination/Non-Minority Comparators

EMTALA/Pediatric Patient/Emergency Medical Screening

Nurses/Drug Addiction/Diversion/Disability Discrimination

Nurse/Chronic Migraines/FMLA Rights  -  Patient Suicide Attempt

Patient's Fall  -  Unexplained Fractures  -  Emergency Nursing

Home Health/Medicaid Regulations  -  Nursing Home/Arbitration


February 2016 =

Deaf Nurse/ASL Interpreter/Disability/Reasonable Accommodation

Emergency Department Nurse/Asthmatic Patient  -  Stroke Symptoms

Surgical Preparation  -  Assisted Living/Resident's Fall  -  Narcotics

Restraints/Nurse Violated Facility's Policy  -  Race-Based Assignments

Patient's Fall/Negligence/Expert Testimony  -  Medical Confidentiality

Credentials Committee/Defamation  -  Nurse Practitioner

Emergency Department Nurse/Discharge Against Medical Advice

Nurse Whistleblower  -  HIV/FDA Guidance  -  Medicare Part B


January 2016 =

Whistleblower/Patient Safety Issues/Wrongful Termination

Nurse/Arrest Warrant  -  Nurse/Catheterization  -  Swan-Ganz Catheter

Diabetic Patient/Hypoglycemia  -  Skin Care  -  Nurse/DUI

Nurse/Medication Error/Fraudulent Concealment/Statute Of Limitations

Nurse/Transgender Blood Donor  -  Nurse/Hospital/Computer Fraud

Drug Rehab/Opioid Toxicity/Patient Death  -  Schizophrenia/Psych Med

Heparin/Physicians' Orders  -  Hospital Discharge  -  Dialysis

Vulnerable Adult/Abuse  -  Stress Test  -  New CMS Regulations


December 2015 =

Post-Surgical Complications/Neurovascular Checks/No Negligence

Medication Transcription Error  -  Plasmapheresis Nurse

Central Line Removal/Nursing Negligence  -  Visitor's/Patient's Falls

Post-Hospital Skilled Nursing Services/Medicare Eligibility


Nurse/Hearing Disability  -  Nurse/Patient Abandonment  - Religion

Hospital Discharge Planning/Proposed New CMS Regulations

Correctional Nursing  -  Home Health/Medicare Eligibility


November 2015 =

Medical Confidentiality/Nurse Wrongfully Accessed Patients' Charts

Intoxicated Emergency Room Patient/Stroke/EMTALA Lawsuit

Emergency Room/Nurse/Patient Monitoring  -  Patient Fall

Family And Medical Leave Act/Nurse's Rights Violated

Age Discrimination/Nurse  -  Race Discrimination/Nurse/Retaliation

Medical Surgical Nursing/Patient Death/Nursing Negligence

Left Ventricular Assist Device/Nurse/Patient Teaching  - Foley Catheter

CDC/Vaccine Information Statement  -  Arbitration/Incompetent Patient


October 2015 =

Assisted Living/Mobility Issues/Hazardous Premises/Fall

Hearing-Impaired Family Members  -  Hospital/Sexual Assault

Nursing Facility/Accident/Duty To Report  -  Disability Discrimination

Threat Of Violence/Employee Misconduct  -  Disability/Brain Tumor

Impaired Nurse/Disability Discrimination  -  Race Discrimination

Labor & Delivery/Nurses As Patient Advocates  -  Peer Review

Discrimination/Patient's Rights  -  Compartment Syndrome

Defamation  -  HIPAA  -  Patient's Last Will And Testament


September 2015 =

Cardiac Telemetry/Leads/Nursing Standard Of Care

Hearing Impaired Patients/ASL/Disability Discrimination

Scope Of Nursing Practice  -  Excessive Force/Patient's Rights

Nurse/Family And Medical Leave Act  -  Nurse/Age Discrimination

Nurse/Disability Discrimination  -  Nurses/Labor Law Rights

Choking Death  -  Medical Confidentiality  -  Labor & Delivery

Nurse/Emergency Medical Treatment And Active Labor Act

Nurse/Mandatory Flu Vaccination  -  Non-Competition Agreement


August 2015 =

Labor & Delivery Nursing/Standard Of Care  -  Nurse Practitioner

IM Injection/Outdated Nursing Standard  -  CRNA/Whistleblower

Hearing Impaired Family Member/Disability Discrimination

Epilepsy/Disability Discrimination  -  Back Injury/Discrimination

Worker's Compensation/Agency Nurse/Borrowed/Loaned Employee

Long Term Care/Proposed New Standards/Medicare/Medicaid

Nurse Writing Prescriptions  -  Sexual Assault/CNA vs. Patient

Nurse/Medication Side Effects  -  Advance Directive


July 2015 =

Patient Fall/Nursing Assessment  -  Organ Transplantation/Hepatitis C

Miscommunication/Wrongful Birth  -  Nurses/Psychiatric Medication

Racial Discrimination/Hostile Work Environment/Corrective Action

Nurse/PTSD/Worker's Compensation  -  Physician/Nurse/Slander

Racial Discrimination/Uneven Discipline  -  Nurse/Narcotics Diversion

Nurse/Scope Of Practice/Refusal To Give Medication

Trip And Fall/Hospital Bed/Medical Tubing/Call Button Cord

Surgery/Nurse's Duty To Intervene  -  CDC/Vaccines/Hazardous Drugs


June 2015 =

Nursing Documentation  -  Gastric Bypass/Candidate Selection

Male vs. Female Nurse Confrontation/Gender Discrimination

Mock Hostage Drill/Nurse Sues As Victim Of Terrorist Tactics

Nurse/Family And Medical Leave Act  -  Nurse Failed To Pass Meds

Nurse/Stress/Depression/Lupus/Disability Discrimination

Inconsistent Labs  -  Narcotics Overdose/Failure To Communicate

Blood Donors/HIV/New FDA Guidance  -  Nurse/Patient Suicide

Life Support  -  Arbitration  -  Patient Fall/CNA/Federal Regulations


May 2015 =

HIPAA/Nurse/Coworker/Medical Confidentiality  -  EMTALA/Miscarriage

Labor & Delivery Nursing/Periventricular Leukomalacia  -  MRSA

Multiple Homicides/Hospital's Liability  -  Minority Nurse/Racial Bias

Nurse Midwife/Seventh Day Adventist/Freedom Of Religion

Nurse/Family And Medical Leave Act  -  Fall/Commode Seat

Nurse/Medication Reconciliation Error  -  Nurse/Worker's Comp

Skilled Nursing/CMS Regulations  -  Home Health/Medicare Fraud

Nurse Practitioner/Emergency Psychiatric Care/Patient Suicide


April 2015 =

Unsupervised Nurse Practitioner/US False Claims Act/Civil Lawsuit

Post-Surgical Complications  -  Labor & Delivery Nursing

Family And Medical Leave Act/Nurse's Serious Health Condition

Pregnancy Discrimination/Nurse/Unequal Disciplinary Measures

Nurse Reported To Board/Intentional Infliction Of Emotional Distress

Nurse Patient Race-Matching/Civil Rights Act/Race Discrimination

Narcotics Diversion/Federal Regulations/Skilled Nursing Facility

Nurse/Drainage Tube Care  -  Pressure Sores/Urinary Tract Infection


March 2015 =

Nurse/Mandatory Reporter/Abuse/Neglect/Vulnerable Adult

Operating Room/Positioning/Arm Board/Radial Nerve Injury

Operating Room/Retained Instrument/Res Ipsa Loquitur

Sexual Assault/Nursing Responsibility  -  Nurse/Racial Harassment

Nurse/National Origin Discrimination  -  Nurse/Disability Discrimination

Patient's Fall  -  Arbitration/Power Of Attorney/Arbitration Agreement

Nurse/Injury/Workers Compensation  -  Attorney/Nursing Home

Nursing Documentation/Substandard Care/Nursing Negligence


February 2015 =

Patient's Fall/Nursing Assessment/Interventions/Fall Care Plan

Antineoplastic Medications/Exposure/NIOSH Intelligence Bulletin

Mobility Disability/Discrimination  -  Medicaid/Long Term Care

Neglect/Alzheimer's Patient  -  FMLA/Family Member's Pregnancy

FMLA Rights /Interference/Retaliation  -  HIV Testing/Consent

Advanced Nursing Practice/Prescription Authority/Civil Liability

Dependent Adult Abuse  -  Race Discrimination/Nurse vs. Physician

Nurse Whistleblower  -  CDC/Vaccine Information Materials


January 2015 =

Labor & Delivery/Emergency Medical Treatment And Active Labor Act

Involuntary Mental Health Commitment/Suicidal Ideation

Scope Of Nursing Practice/Wrongful Termination/Retaliation Lawsuit

Racial Discrimination/Pattern Of Racially Differential Treatment

Family And Medical Leave Act/Family Member's Serious Condition

Chemical Dependency/Disability Discrimination/License Restriction

Patient Fall/Assistance To Transfer  -  Sequential Compression

CMS Regulations/Same-Sex Spouse  -  Acetaminophen/FDA Warning


December 2014 =

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis

Labor & Delivery Nursing  -  Restraint-Free Facility/Fall Out Of Bed

Correctional Nursing/Deliberate Indifference  -  Patient Fall

Nurse/Whistleblower  -  Patient Disrespect  -  Pregnancy Discrimination

Arbitration Agreement/Power Of Attorney/Patient's Mental Capacity

BIPAP/Oxygenation During Patient Transport  -  Confidentiality

Bowel Ischemia/Nursing Assessment  -  On-Call Hospital Staff

Home Health/Medicare/Eligibility/New CMS Regulations

November 2014 = 

Hearing Impaired Patient/Disability Discrimination  -  Autopsy

Choking/Patient Death/Negligence  -  Skin Care/Nursing Negligence

Psychiatric Nursing/Physical/Chemical/Restraint/Excessive Force

Nurse/Disability Discrimination/Multiple Sclerosis  -  Mental Exam

Nurse/Defamation  -  Informed Consent/Bariatric Surgery

Public Health  -  Nursing Home/Liability/State Survey Reports

ER Nursing/Patient Suicide  -  Post-Surgical Nursing/Negligence

Home Health/Medicare/Medicaid/New Conditions Of Participation


October 2014 = 

Emergency Department Nursing/EMTALA  -  Psychiatric Nursing

Nursing Home/Visitor/Business Invitee/Slip/Fall/Negligence

Involuntary Psychiatric Medication  -  Nurse/Whistleblower

Nurse/Sexual Orientation/Discrimination/Harassment  -  Race Bias

Post-Operative Nursing/Assessment/Limb Ischemia/Amputation

Nursing Home/Arbitration Agreement/Family Member/Legal Authority

Wound Care/Assessment/Documentation/Physician Communication

Medicare/Medicaid/US False Claims Act  -  Physicians' Orders/Conflict


September 2014 =

Nursing Fall-Risk Assessment/Bed Alarm  -  School Nursing

Fall/Nurse's Disciplinary Record  -  Religious Discrimination

Crohn's Disease/Nurse/Disability Discrimination

Occupational Injury/Nurse/Disability Discrimination

Hearing Impairment/Nurse/Disability Discrimination 

Nursing License  -  Morphine/Nursing Negligence  -  EMTALA

Hospital Discharge/Post-Colonoscopy  -  Laparotomy Sponge

Occupational Injury/Worker's Comp  -  Nursing Home/Arbitration


August 2014 =

Fall/Nurse Left Patient Left Alone On Toilet  -  Fall/Nursing Negligence

Speech Impaired Patient/Disability Discrimination  - Labor & Delivery

Delegation Of Nursing Responsibility  -  Nurse Whistleblower

Nurse/Discrimination/Social Security Disability  -  Impaired Nurse

Skin Care/Nursing Negligence  -  Correctional Nursing

Emergency Department/Nursing Neglect  -  Breast Cancer

Labor & Delivery Nursing/Prolapsed Cord/Nursing Assessment

US False Claims Act  -  Nursing Assistant/Pregnancy Discrimination


July 2014 =

Abuse/Neglect/Tetanus Vaccination - Nurse Concealed Facts

Patient NPO Three Days/Sepsis/Death - Psychiatric Nursing

Nurse/Whistleblower/Retaliation - Sexual Harassment

Nurse/Religious Discrimination - Child Abuse/Nurse/Psych Hold

Patient Falls/Nurse - Patient Sexually Assaulted In Hospital

Breakdown/Disability Discrimination - IV Pole Falls On Patient

Nurse/Staff Reassignments/Age Discrimination

Packing Left In Surgical Wound/Res Ipsa Loquitur


June 2014 =

Nurse Practitioners/Breast Cancer Diagnosis Delayed

Toxic Epidural Necrolysis - Post-Stent Nursing Care - Skin Care

Nursing Home Negligence  -  Nursing Home/Involuntary Discharge

Nurse/Narcotics Diversion/Drug Testing

Nurse/Patient Neglect Nurse/Whistleblower - Nurse/Unexcused Absence - Race Bias

Labor & Delivery Nursing/Post-Partum Fall - Trache Care

Nurse/Disability Discrimination - Code/Intubation Supplies

Nurse/Sexual Harassment - Family And Medical Leave Act


May 2014 =

Cardiac Care Nursing/Anticoagulant Therapy  -  EMTALA

Emergency Room/Patient's Fall  -  Arbitration/Mental Competence

Poisoning/Co-Worker's Malicious Act  -  Nurse/Whistleblower

Nurse/Fertility Treatments/Pregnancy Discrimination

Nurse/Personnel Grievances/Freedom Of Speech

Nurse/False Claims Act  -  Nurse/Patient Assaulted By Physician

Nurse/Morphine Overdose  -  End Of Life/Family's Lawsuit

Nurse/Hospital Discharge  -  Nurse/Disability Discrimination


April 2014 = 

Nurse's Medication Error/Fault Admitted/No Liability

Skilled Nursing/Sexual Abuse  -  Nurse Anesthetist/Negligent Intubation

O.R. Nurse/Assault And Battery  -  Involuntary Psychiatric Hold

Skin Care/Decubitus Ulcer/Sepsis/Death  -  Nurse's Work Breaks

Race Discrimination  -  Disability Discrimination/Employment

Nursing Assessment/Triage/Sudden Cardiac Death  -  Skin Care

Narcotics/Nursing Assessment  -  Haldol/Nursing Assessment

Arbitration/Health Care Proxy  - Nurse/Patient/Professional Boundaries


March 2014 = 

Nursing Negligence/Subsequent Remedial Measures

Invasion Of Privacy/Chemical Dependency Treatment

Nursing License/Chemical Dependency  -  Defamation

Mental Illness/Disability Discrimination  -  Reverse Discrimination

Nurse/Age/Gender Discrimination  -  Nurse/Race Discrimination

Destruction Of Evidence/Video Recording Of E.R. Lobby

Sulfa Allergy  -  Deep Vein Thrombosis/Discharge Instructions

O.R. Nursing  -  Labor Law  -  Nursing Documentation


February 2014 = 

Nurse Practitioner/Sepsis/Multiple Organ Failure/Misdiagnosis

Operating Room/Surgical Microscope/Patient Burned/Negligence

Patient's Fall/Nursing Assessment/Bed Alarm

Emergency Preparedness/Proposed New CMS Regulations

Disability Discrimination/Reasonable Accommodation

Nurse/Violence In The Workplace  -  CNA/Pregnancy Discrimination

Sexual Harassment/Gay Male Nurse vs. Gay Male Nurse

Nurse/Patient Confidentiality  -  Nursing Home/Arbitration


January 2014 =

Post-Neurosurgery Nursing Care  -  Resident vs. Resident Assault

Skin Care/Nursing Expert  -  Nurse/Disability Discrimination

Patient Suicide/Nursing Facility/Adequate Supervision

Minority Nurse/Race Discrimination  -  Racial Bias/Minority Tech

Nurse Whistleblower  -  Hearing Impaired Hospital Patient

Patient Suicide/Stevens-Johnson Syndrome  -  Vitiligo/Nursing Care

Psychiatric Emergency/EMTALA/Refusal Of Care/Informed Consent

Functionally Impaired Person  -  Post-Surgery E.R. Visit/EMTALA


December 2013 =

Degenerative Joint Disease/Disability Discrimination

Neonatal Intensive Care  -  Post-Surgical Nursing Care/Hospital Bed

Medical Records  -  Nursing Home/Disability Discrimination

Nurse/Age Discrimination  -  Nurse/Employee Assistance Program

Nursing Assistant/Insubordination  -  Nurse/Racial Discrimination

Patient's Falls/Nursing Care/Restraints  -  Nursing Assistant/Abuse

Skin Care/Nurse As Expert Witness  -  Labor & Delivery Nursing

Nurses/Racial Discrimination  -  Nurse/HIPAA Violations

November 2013 =

Nurse As Patient's Advocate/Public Policy  -  Morphine Toxicity

Neonatal Nursing  -  Post-Colonoscopy Nursing Care

Narcotics Diversion/Altered MAR  -  Psych Nursing/Lithium Toxicity

Narcotics Diversion/Nurse/Americans With Disabilities Act

Psychiatric Emergency/Restraints/Forced Psychotropic Medication

Hearing Impaired Nurse  -  Freedom Of Speech  -  Sexual Harassment

Nurse/Racial Bias  -  Nurse/Age Bias  -  Nurse/Workplace Bullying

Diabetic/Nurses/Deliberate Indifference  -  Nurse/Whistleblower


October 2013 =

Nursing Documentation/Abnormal Findings/Civil Monetary Penalty

Emergency Room/Mental Health Assessment/Psychiatric Hold

Prison Nursing/Involuntary Medication/Inmate's Rights

Arbitration/Durable Power Of Attorney  -  Nurse Whistleblower

E.R. Nursing/Intoxicated Patient  -  School Nurse/Anaphylaxis

Narcotics Diversion/Disability Discrimination  -  Religious Bias

Nurse/Sexual Relationship With Patient  -  Skin Care

Autopsy/Post-Mortem Fraud  -  Psych Patient/Four Point Restraints


September 2013 =

Social Media/Privacy Rights/Facebook Wall  -  Nursing/Skin Care

Patient's Fall/Nursing Standard Of Care  -  Medical Confidentiality

Nurses Aide/Self Medication/Document Falsification/Firing

Nurse's License Revocation/Medication To Non-Patient

Psychosocial Nursing/Disability Discrimination  -  LPN/Patient Abuse

Nursing Home/Whistleblower  -  Nurse/Race Discrimination

Family And Medical Leave Act/Nurse/Self-Diagnosis

Operating Room/Hot Medical Device  -  Neuro Intensive Care Nursing


August 2013 =

Falls/Transfers/Nursing Assessment  -  Intoxicated E.R. Patient

Emergency Medical Treatment And Active Labor Act/Transfer

Correctional Nursing/Deliberate Indifference To Serious Medical Need

Threat Of Violence/Discrimination  -  Racial Slur/Discrimination

Medication Error/Wrongful Termination  -  Central Line

Perioperative Nursing/Nurse As Patient's Advocate

Nurse Midwife/Home Delivery/Negligence  -  Disability Discrimination

Hospice Services In Long-Term Care/New CMS Regulations


July 2013 =

Operating Room/Circulating Nurse/Surgical Specimen

Skilled Nursing/Restraints/Patient's Fall  -  Unexplained Fracture

Diaper Change/Abuse  -  Nurse Accessed Co-Worker's Chart

Sexual Contact With Patient  -  Nurse/Freedom Of Religion

Nurse/Altered Medical Records  -  Nurse/Addict/Disability

Board Of Nursing/Defamation  -  Nurse/Patient Advocate

Emergency Room Nursing/Aortic Dissection/Domestic Violence

EMTALA  -  Jail Nursing/Deliberate Indifference


June 2013 =

E.R./Patients' Insurance Coverage  -  E.R./Nursing Assessment 

Disability Discrimination/Sleep Apnea  -  Attendance Problems

Nurse/Forensic Blood Sample/Medical Battery  -  Narcotics

Nurse Whistleblower  -  Race Discrimination  -  Medication Error

Nurse/Age Discrimination  -  Fall/Bed Alarm/Nursing Negligence

Incident Reports/Quality Assurance Privilege/Visitor's Lawsuit

Patient's Fall/Nursing Documentation/Nursing Care Plan

Arbitration Agreement/Family Member/Power Of Attorney


May 2013 =

Skin Care/Nursing Negligence/Nursing Documentation

Dehydration/Nursing Negligence  -  Sexual Assault  -  Racial Bias

Pregnancy Discrimination/Nurse/Lifting Restriction

Nurse/Whistleblower  -  Deaf Employee/Reasonable Accommodation

Nurse/Latex Allergy/Reasonable Accommodation

Deaf Patient/Disability Discrimination/ASL Interpreter

Confidentiality/Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act

Patient's Fall/Nursing Negligence/Expert Opinions


April 2013 =

Deaf Patient/American Sign Language Interpreter  -  Fall/Bed Alarm

Nursing Home/Sexual Assault  -  Nursing Home/Sexual Acting Out

Nurse/Disability/Lifting Restrictions/Reasonable Accommodation

Adhesive Tape Allergy  -  Defamation  -  Nurse/Narcotics Diversion

Nursing Negligence/Asthmatic Pediatric Patient

Assisted Living/Nursing Negligence  -  Nurse/Race Discrimination

Nursing Home/CNA/Race Discrimination  -  Battery/Nurse v. Physician

On-Call/Worker's Compensation  -  Arbitration/Family Member


March 2013 =

Informed Consent/Risks/Benefits/Alternatives  -  Fall/Bed Alarm

Nursing Documentation  -  Nurse Concealed Facts From Family

Skilled Nursing Admission/Durable Power Of Attorney

Nurse/Race Discrimination  -  Charge Nurse/Disability Discrimination

EMTALA/Unequal Treatment  -  E.R./Nurse As Patient Advocate

Nurse/Disability Discrimination  -  Nursing License/Standard Of Care

Nurse/Sexual Harassment By Patient  -  Narcotics Diversion

Narcotics Diversion/Murder/Director Of Nursing


February 2013 =

Labor & Delivery Nursing/Patient Advocate/Chain Of Command

PCA Pump/Evidence  -  Emergency Room Nursing/AMA Discharge

Patient's Fall/Nursing Assessment  -  Nurse/Age Discrimination

Nurse/Race Discrimination  -  Nurse/Hearsay/Apology To Patient

Emergency Room Nursing/Gender Discrimination

Nurse/Family And Medical Leave Act/Retaliation  -  EMTALA

Nurse/Medical Confidentiality/Faxing Charts/Copying Charts

Labor & Delivery Nursing  -  Male Physician/Female Chaperone


January 2013 =

Operating Room/Circulating Nurse  -  Nursing Home Admission

Labor & Delivery Nursing/Pitocin/Fetal Monitor 

Labor & Delivery Nursing/High Risk Patient/Fetal Monitor

Medication Error/Nursing Negligence  -  Correctional Nursing

Age Discrimination  -  Race Discrimination/Minority Nurses

Skilled Nursing/Blood Draws/PT/INR/Reporting To Physician

Flu Immunization/Public Health Emergency  -  Nursing Assessment

Nurse Practitioner/Pre-Signed Prescriptions  -  Threat Of Violence